Our Health, Relationships and Spirituality Treasure Hunt is here!

Our treasure hunt in June has been a total success!

We were able to collect a grand total of $5000 that will go into our next treasure hunt and also on research that will keep improving our experience. This includes hiring a professional motivational and public speaker to come and talk about the importance of spirituality and health.

So the prices for our recent treasure hunt have been revealed and they are:

1. Health

As we gathered that most people are concerned with their health and fitness and want to lose fat and get their beach body ready for the coming summer, we conducted extensive research to find a suitable product that would help you in both your muscle building and fat burning efforts.

From our last survey, most members decided they wanted a top rated all in one workout formula that caters for both our male and female members.

After careful scrutiny, we found some good reviews on this new Blackwolf workout product which has premium ingredients. You can check out their review at: http://blackwolfworkoutreviews.com/

We decided to come up with this couple prize since it is an all in one workout supplement which includes, pre, intra and post-workout, it can help our couple members and in getting rid of all their fitness heaches.

Winners: Berenice Gallard and Marc Jacob Tsai

2.  Relationships

This was a tricky one, but we concluded that since a lot of our treasure hunters this month were couples, a good 95% the relationships prize would therefore be tailored towards couples.

That is why we are referring you to the Singapore Counselling Centre as our relationships prize.

Don’t worry by this we don’t mean that you have any issues, or are having couples problems. Far from it, by attending this counselling centre you will take your relationship to the next level…

Winners: Jayden and Johanna Teng

3. Spirituality

This last prize was an interesting one. As finding something suitable was not easy, we decided that the winners would be having an exclusive meditation session with our expert meditation guru Jasmine Liew.

She will be guiding you on a one-on-one meditation and relaxation session to find your inner self, including finding your fears, passions and your mantra.

Winners: Matthew and Esther Wong

Once again, thank you so much for all of you who attended the treasure hunt. This time we held it at the Gardens by the Bay, and we hope to hold our next one either in the botanical gardens or near by Sentosa.

Let us know what you think, and where we should be holding our next treasure hunt, as your feedback and opinions are always important to us.