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Our Health, Relationships and Spirituality Treasure Hunt is here!

Our treasure hunt in June has been a total success!

We were able to collect a grand total of $5000 that will go into our next treasure hunt and also on research that will keep improving our experience. This includes hiring a professional motivational and public speaker to come and talk about the importance of spirituality and health.

So the prices for our recent treasure hunt have been revealed and they are:

1. Health

As we gathered that most people are concerned with their health and fitness and want to lose fat and get their beach body ready for the coming summer, we conducted extensive research to find a suitable product that would help you in both your muscle building and fat burning efforts.

From our last survey, most members decided they wanted a top rated all in one workout formula that caters for both our male and female members.

After careful scrutiny, we found some good reviews on this new Blackwolf workout product which has premium ingredients. You can check out their review at:

We decided to come up with this couple prize since it is an all in one workout supplement which includes, pre, intra and post-workout, it can help our couple members and in getting rid of all their fitness heaches.

Winners: Berenice Gallard and Marc Jacob Tsai

2.  Relationships

This was a tricky one, but we concluded that since a lot of our treasure hunters this month were couples, a good 95% the relationships prize would therefore be tailored towards couples.

That is why we are referring you to the Singapore Counselling Centre as our relationships prize.

Don’t worry by this we don’t mean that you have any issues, or are having couples problems. Far from it, by attending this counselling centre you will take your relationship to the next level…

Winners: Jayden and Johanna Teng

3. Spirituality

This last prize was an interesting one. As finding something suitable was not easy, we decided that the winners would be having an exclusive meditation session with our expert meditation guru Jasmine Liew.

She will be guiding you on a one-on-one meditation and relaxation session to find your inner self, including finding your fears, passions and your mantra.

Winners: Matthew and Esther Wong

Once again, thank you so much for all of you who attended the treasure hunt. This time we held it at the Gardens by the Bay, and we hope to hold our next one either in the botanical gardens or near by Sentosa.

Let us know what you think, and where we should be holding our next treasure hunt, as your feedback and opinions are always important to us.



The Treasure Hunt Plans for 2016

Hey everyone so our treasure hunt quest for 2016 is back!

Andy Tan our founder has returned from a trip to New York and has brought amazing ideas and new treasure hunt dynamics that we can’t wait to share with all of you! 🙂

Stay tuned for the next few days as we will be having our fun treasure hunt for June 2016, August and later on in the year.

After our gathering last month, it seemed to be popular belief that the treasure hunt should focus on 3 main things:

  1. Health

Most of you expressed interest for wanting to improve your health and fitness in one way or the other. This is not just for aesthetics or beauty but for actual better performance too.

2. Relationships

The second most important factor that our audience showed preference for was the need to improve relationships in their lives. This could range from couple relationships to friendships, or even your relationship with your boss!

3. Spirituality

The last but not least was spirituality. This topic is often overlooked, given the material world be live in. We got to put emphasis a lot on how our state of mind, and spirituality play an important role in our lives, in how we feel, and how we behave.

This last part will affect our relationships, and also our health and fitness.

To wrap up, as a treasure hunt community we are heavily focussed on what our audience wants, and that is why your feedback is of utmost importance to us.

We want you to find value in our adult treasure hunts, and that is why these have becoming so popular in the coming years starting in the states and now in Asia.

Keep an eye for our next treasure hunt which should be coming soon, and we look forward to seeing you all in there!

Last month prizes revealed!

It has been a while since we last conducted our last treasure hunt and the reason for this is due to all the time we’ve been working offline towards opening and running our Singapore operations.

We are glad to announce that now we have successfully established our location in Singapore at: 435 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238877. If you are ever around pop by to say hello and enjoy a cup of tea with us.

With our Singapore operations aside, since our last treasure hunt in September, we are glad to announce our winners and their prizes.

Third Place: Ben Daruso

Steroid alternative supplement from:


Second Place: Stephanie Wong

Tea Set from:

First Place: Jeff Hailberg

Meditation package from

We want to congratulate our three winners above and do hope they enjoy their prizes!

Keep an eye for our next treasure hunt in October. We are are not announcing the day yet as we want it to be a secret…

So the way our next treasure hunt will work is that we will announce the starting date 2 days before so you can actually make time and be ready for it.

Do remember to hone your search skills as the items will keep getting tougher and tougher to find even with your good old friend Google 😉